HKMTIC Privacy Policy

At HKMTIC, we take your privacy seriously. Please read the following HKMTIC Privacy Policy ("the Policy") to learn more about what we do to protect your privacy, which includes what information we gather from you and how we make use of it.

What The Policy Covers

  • The Policy covers how HKMTIC treat personal information collected or received from you and your computer. Personal information is information that personally identifies you and/or your computer, such as your name, IP address, email address, and anything else that is not otherwise publicly available.
  • The Policy does not cover how such personal information is treated by people or organizations that own web sites other than HKMTIC, including those linked by hyperlinks in HKMTIC.

What Information We Gather

  • HKMTIC collects or receives personal information when you visit ANY HKMTIC pages or submit an entry to the HKMTIC Guestbook.
  • HKMTIC automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your computer and web browser, such as your IP address, what items you requested from HKMTIC and when.
  • When you submit a Guestbook entry, HKMTIC will publish those submitted data, including your name or nickname, on the HKMTIC Guestbook.
  • When you submit a listing request for your web site, HKMTIC will process those data. We will only publish - (i) the name of your web site, (ii) the web address to it, and (iii) the description to it (if any) - in the HKMTIC Interchange Section.

How We Use the Information We Gather

  • All data we collected or received from your computer and web browser will be recorded on our server logs. These server logs are not publicly available.
  • We will not rent, sell or share such information with other people or organizations.
  • The data on the server logs may be analysed for statistical or operational purposes.
  • All Guestbook entries will be published on the HKMTIC Guestbook, which is available to anyone via the Internet, for non-commercial purposes.
  • All valid listing request for your web site (if any) will be published in the HKMTIC Interchage Section.

Access and Control to your Personal Information

  • You may view the Guestbook entry/entries you submitted to HKMTIC in the HKMTIC Guestbook.
  • You may request an entry removal by sending us an email, including (i) your name, (ii) the name or nickname you submitted, (iii) the entry number (the large number appearing on the left of the entry concerned), AND (iv) the reason why you made the request.
  • You may request a modification, including removal, to a listing of your web site by sending us an email, including your name and the name of your web site (as appeared in the Interchange Section), notifying us of the modification. A valid reason is required if you are requesting a listing removal.
  • No visitors may view or make modifications to our server logs

Modification to the Policy

  • From time to time, we may make modifications to the Policy. The date of when this page was last updated is shown after the words "Last Amended" on the bottom of this page. The "Last Amended" date will be revised whenever we make any changes to the Policy. Please review the Policy periodically in order to ensure that you are are acknowledged of the latest version of our Policy on Privacy.


  • For any enquiries or suggestions on the Policy or HKMTIC, please contact us at All comments are welcomed.

Last Amended (Creation of the Policy): 16 June 2002

Last Updated: Friday, October 31, 2003 1:55
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