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For the past 10 years, Quarry Bay Station (QUB) acted as the only interchange station for Kwun Tong Line (KTL) and Island Line (ISL). Also, the platforms for KTL and ISL trains are built on different floors. Therefore, to change lines, passengers have to make use of escalators, lifts or even stairs. Sometimes, the passenger flow in QUB during peak times can exceed expected levels. Since the efficiency for using QUB as the only interchange station for KTL and ISL is quite low, the Quarry Bay Congestion Relief Works (QBR) became the solution.

Diagram showing the modification of the Kwun Tong Line as a part of the Quarry Bay Congestion Relief Works


The QBR was commenced in September 1997, and was completed on 27th September 2001. After the completion, the KTL was extented to North Point (NOP) Station. Two spacious platforms were built in NOP and broad passages between the original and new platforms were also constructed. To change lines, passengers would only need to do a one-minute walk to the opposite platform. These advantages increased the efficiency of line changing between KTL and ISL greatly.


The QBR comprises a new 4.2 km tunnel built from QUB through NOP, two new platforms (each opposite to an existing ISL platform), and new passages between platforms. Also, a new plant building (including emergency exits from platforms) was built adjacent to the Shu Kuk Street Playground.

Diagram visualizing the new platform layout in North Point Station (Looking towards Fortress Hill Station)


The following links will bring you to galleries displaying photos on the appearance of NOP and QUB stations before, during and after QBR:

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Further Changes

After the completion of QBR, the platform numbers for QUB KTL platforms were interchanged:
UP KTL (towards North Point): Plat-4
DN KTL (towards Yau Ma Tei): Plat-3

Both QUB and NOP stations will become a part of the Tseung Kwan O Line (TKL) after the completion of the Tseung Kwan O Extension (TKE). See Past -> Tseung Kwan O Extension for more.

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