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Welcome to HKMTIC Interchange Section, the portal to other railroad-dedicated web sites on the internet. This Section is created to maximize your mass transportation experience, by continuing your journey onto web sites beyond HKMTIC. You would not leave HKMTIC by proceeding to any web sites listed below, because the requested items will be loaded in a new web browser.

If you would like to have your web sites listed in this Section, please send us an email at In the email, please mention (i) your name, (ii) email address, (iii) address of the web site to be listed, and (iv) the name of the web site in English. You may also give us a description to your web site in English. Information submitted will be processed usually within 2 to 3 days.

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> (formerly metroPlanet)
Provides comprehensive information about metro systems around the world

> Heavy Iron Station
An English based web site presenting information with a nice layout

> HK Rail Engineering Centre
Detailed explanation on the technical aspect of railway operations in Hong Kong

> Hong Kong Railway Info Site
Provides photos and information on all kinds of railroads in Hong Kong

> Hong Kong Railway Information Centre
Filled with information that is presented in a simple layout

> Hong Kong Railway Net
Another web site providing vast amout of information on railways in Hong Kong

> Hong Kong Railway Public Address Archives
Truly archives of recordings of public addresses used in railways in Hong Kong

> Hong Kong Railway Union
An organization dedicated to host railroad-related activities

> Monster's Bus World
Comprehensive information on multiple topics of railways in Hong Kong

> Railway Technology
A collection of web sites of railroad industry companies around the world

> Smallfish's Ocean World
Provides many image files explaining the future railway developments in Hong Kong

> Subway's Future
Provides planning and route maps of all China subways and some Asia subways

> The Dedicated Page of HKSAR Airport Railway
Provides homemade multimedia files related to the MTR Lantau Airport Railway


The Railway Development of Hong Kong
A comprehensive collection of information from official corporate web sites

Full coverage of all railways in Hong Kong and related train models


> HKSAR Railway Discussion Board
A nice place where people can discuss railway related issues

> Hong Kong Railway Discussion Board
A discussion board owned by the Hong Kong Railway Net


> Mass Transit Railway Corporation

> Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation

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