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This Showcase displays photos on Urban Railway Lines (URL) Modernized trains
For the description of URL trains, see Present -> Rolling Stock (URL Modernized Stock)

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Beside Door A1 (A123)

Beside Door A1 (A256)

Interior Look (A108)

Another Interior Look (A108)

A/C 1 Panel

A/C 2 Panel; C246 is the train car ID

Modernized Train Seats (A282)

A282 Interior Look 1

A282 Interior Look 2

A282 Interior Look 3

Interior Look

DN ISL Train Stopped at CHW Plat-2, Ready to Depart

Interior Look

Interior Look (A118)

Train Terminated @ QUB Plat-3 (Alighting Platform)

Emergency Exit (A270)

Emergency Exit (A256)

Train Doors

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher (w/ External Cover)

MTR Network Map 1

MTR Network Map 2

MTR Network Map 3

URL Trains InfoPanel

Emergency Exit

(More Photos may be Added!)


DN KTL Train approaching KOB Plat-2

DN KTL Train approaching KOB Plat-2

UP TWL Train approaching KWF Plat-1

Train (A123) terminated at YMT Plat-3

UP KTL Train Departing LAT Plat-1

The Exterior Look

DN ISL Train Departing HFC Plat-2

UP KTL Train Arriving KWT Plat-1

Train Departing, Another Train Approaching -> QUB Plat-1

First NOP-Terminating DN KTL Train @ QUB Plat-3

UP TWL Train Terminated @ TSW Plat-1

UP KTL Train approaching KWT Plat-1

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