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Tsing Yi (TSY) Station is one of the three stations that houses both AEL and TCL platforms, but is the only one in these three stations that does not provide In-Town Check-In Service. It is adjacent to the Maritime Square - a large shopping mall, and a busy Transport Interchange. In this gallery, you will find photos on TCL Platforms and the Concourse.

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Quiet Plat-3

PSD and Route Map

Spacious and Well Illuminated Plat-3

Passengers Waiting for the Next Train

Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

Maritime Square Exit

Exit Gates to Maritime Square

Another Perspective

PIDS in Plat-4

Quiet Plat-4

Spacious Passage

Spacious Passage

Route Map

TSY Station (Platform for Trains towards Hong Kong)

Plat-4 Headwall (CCTV & Communication Equipments)

Plat-4 Headwall (PSD Local Control Panel)

What Makes the Station Withstand Strong Winds

TSY Concourse

People DO Look Like Ants!

The Middle Level houses Plat-4

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