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The first URL operating platform to install PSD is Plat-1 of TST Station. The first door was installed beside the tailwall, on the 2nd weekend, January 2002. At the same time, preparation works are carried out during non-traffic hours at TST Plat-2 and other Stations. It may take as long as one month to complete PSD installation at one platform. The works on Plat-1 has completed early February.

In the following gallery, you will find photos on PSD at TST Plat-1.

Construction Completed

Train Ready to Depart

The Yellowish Orange Door Signal is Beautiful

Waiting for the Next Train

New Stickers after the Installation

Passengers Rushing into and out of the Train

(That's all for Platform 1)

Under Construction

Caution Notice

Early Stages (TST Plat-2)

Temporary Control Box

Temporary Control Box

Ready for Installation of PSD

Platform Edge Ready for Modification

Modified Platform Edge (With PSD Track)

PSD Track

First PSD at TST (Beside Tailwall)

PSD Guarded by Staff

First PSD at TST (Beside Tailwall)

PSD still Left Open (needed further work)

Operational PSD

Operational PSD

This Lights Up when the Screen Door is Open

Operational PSD

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