Have you ever seen any special objects in the MTR premises (e.g Signs, Signals)? If you have, see if you can see those object here below. If you haven't, go find them if you have time!

Old Tung Chung Line Route Map

"Next train for HOK will arrive in 03 minutes"
(taken in Kwai Fong Plat-2 Headwall)

Hollow Sign near Choi Hung Plat-1 Tailwall

This is a New Signal called LAT 6151G (Lam Tin Plat-1 HW)

Is this prepared for the Tseung Kwan O Line? Too Early!

Very New Signs replacing TKL Signs (Same Location)

Signs (Mei Foo Station) Before Correction

Signs (Same Location) After Correction

*Train Approching Indicator

Sign ATTACHED onto the Floor to help Passengers out

Pandrol Clip (to secure rail)

Unknown Counter in Mong Kok Plat-4 (DN END)

* The Train Approach Indicator is used to show Train Operators (TO) that a train (on the opposite platform of a different line) is approaching the station. The TO should wait for a while, if possible, so passengers from that train could change trains immediately.

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