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Have you ever thought of how an MTR train "know" where itself was? Since MTR EMUs are normally automatically controlled by computers (See Special -> Train Operation (Not Available)), it is very important for the on-board train computer to know where the train was, so that it could calculate a suitable and safe speed at which the train travels.

When a train passes through a Relocation Beacon, the Beacon Sensor installed on the train will "pick up" the information from the Beacon. Those information include the geographical location of that beacon. In this way, the on-board computer of the train knows where the train has just gone thru (See Special -> Track (Not Available)). Let's take a glance at how the Relocation Beacons look like.

ADM Plat-3 (Near DN END)


ADM Plat-1 (Near UP END)

ADM Plat-4 (Near DN END)

**STIB at CHH Plat-1 (Near DN END)

NTK Plat-2 (Near UP END)

KOB Plat-1 (Near UP END)

KWT Plat-1 (Near UP END)

**STIB at NTK Plat-1

OLY Station

*West of TSW Station (Double Crossover)

LAK Plat-2 (Near DN END)

* This one looks different, because its an RB installed outdoors
** The STIB will be further introduced as the Special Section opens

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