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Olympic (OLY) Station is also a special station. Printed on the walls of its platforms are images of sports and athletes. Two plaques, one on each end of the station concourse, was erected (see above for what is printed on the plaques). In this gallery, you will find photos on the TCL platforms of the Station.

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Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

Passenger Service Booth

PSD Local Control Panel

Spacious Concourse

Spacious and Naturally Illuminated Concourse

One of the Concourse Passages


(Special Paintings Below)


On the Plaque (Image in the Middle): "This plaque has been erected to commemorate the agreement between the MTR Corporation and the Hong Kong Olympic Committee on 16th December 1996. In this document, the Corporation agreed to name the station Olympic to recognize the achievement of Hong Kong athletes in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, particularly at Atlanta in 1996. It is hoped that these successes and the theme of the station will encourage future generation of Hong Kong people to even greater involvement and subsequent success in sporting events around the world."

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