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Hong Kong (HOK) Station is built 8-minute-walk from Central (CEN) Station. It is constructed next to IFC Mall and Exchange Square. In-Town Check-In Services are available here. In this gallery, photos on the passages between CEN and HOK and those on the HOK station (Concourse) are displayed.

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Decoration at HOK Station Ground Level

HOK Station at Night

Flight Info Displays and other Levels

Pleasent-Looking Masterpiece

In-Town Check-In Service Counters

For AEL Passengers ONLY!

HOK Station at Night

Name of Masterpiece - "Flight of Fancy"

Mezzanine (Middle) and AEL Platform Level (Bottom)

Taken From AEL Platform Level

HOK Plat-1 (AEL Platform)

Mezzanine (Middle) and Ground Level (Top)

Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

HOK TCL Concourse


Many Luggage Trolleys available for Travelers

Wide Passage between CEN and HOK

Single-way Passage towards CEN (TWL and ISL)

Single-way Passage towards HOK (TCL and AEL)

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