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All Urban Railway Lines (URL) EMUs (Electric Multiple Units) were modernized by now, but let's not forget their appearance before modernization... In the following gallery, photos of URL trains before modernization will be displayed.

A123 Interior Look beside Door A1

A169 Interior Look beside Door A1

Gangway (B469)

Emergency Button

Departing DIH Plat-2

Departing NTK Plat-1

Departing NTK Plat-2

Departing QUB Plat-3 (Alighting Platform)

A239 Interior Look (Train Stopped at QUB Plat-3)

Interior Look

This train is ready to go! (YMT Plat-3)

A239 Approaching KWT Plat-2

A/C 1 Panel

"Keep Clear of Doors" Sign

A108 MTR Network Map above Door A1

MTR Network Map before QBR

Taken on 19 Aug 01 (Train A167 @ CEN Plat-1)

UP KTL Departing LAT Plat-1

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