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This Showcase displays photos on AEL trains, divided into two parts: External View and Passenger Compartments
Also, at the bottom, we have posted photos on AEL Station Platforms
For the information on AEL trains, see Present -> Rolling Stock (LAR)

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AEL 10 @ Servicing Platform (SVP)

Side View of Car E110

AEL 10 Under Beautiful Sunset

Cars J410 and K410 (Baggage Car)

Bogie (Undercarriage of Rolling Stock)

Baggage Car K410

AEL 10 Leaving SVP for Airport Station

(More Photos may be Added!)


Interior Look

Personal Seat Back TVs

Baggage Compartments

In-Train Interactive Route Map


Route Map above Platform Screen Doors (PSD)

AEL Train Stopped at HOK Plat-1

AEL Train Stopped at HOK Plat-1

AEL Train Stopped at KOW Plat-2

AEL Train Stopped at TSY Plat-2

AEL Train Stopped at AIR Plat-2, Ready to Depart

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